Hibiscus Coconut Rum

Rum in Montana? Yes and it is good…We fell in love with rum while spending a significant amount of time many years ago in the Caribbean island of Anguilla, learning all about different styles of rum from the original blenders of Pyrat Rum. We make our Hibiscus Coconut Rum using Louisiana Molasses and 1st cut, raw cane sugar from Columbia. 

It is our blend between a Martinique Agricole Rum and a Dominican Blackstrap Rum. We ferment and distill everything at our distillery. After distillation we steep in dried Hibiscus flowers from a tea company out of Jamaica, giving it a subtle
red hue and the slight astringency balances out the sweetness of the coconut. We were featured in Esquire as one of the seven flavored spirits in the world worth drinking, have been written about in Playboy and Wine Enthusiast Magazine and have won 5 medals in international spirit competitions.

"Like drinking in the scents of a beach."

- Wine enthusiast magazine
2011 SIP Awards- Platinum Medal
2011 SIP Awards Bronze Medal

masterfully crafted