The freshest water source, coupled with local family-farmed grain and an unrivaled attention to detail; we are on a mission to make world class spirits.
Whistling Andy, distilled to enjoy.

Deep-aquifer water, locally grown grains and the vision to distill the Treasure State’s first bourbon have combined to form a smooth and complex spirit. Mellow, sweet corn base notes blend with intricate hints of barley, wheat and rye to create this distinctive bourbon. Aged in American white oak barrels, every batch of this straight whiskey is carefully crafted.

Montana barley, wheat, corn, rye and deep-aquifer water combine to create this grain to glass whiskey. This four grain whiskey has a sweet fruity nose leading into warm spiciness mid palate and finishes smooth with accents of toasted caramel and well-rounded oak flavors.

This grain to glass Moonshine has the components we begin all our whiskeys with, locally sourced barley, wheat, rye, corn and deep-aquifer water. We have created a smooth moonshine with a sweet finish that makes any Bloody Mary, Caesar or Spiced Cider come alive with the flavors of this incredible land.

The cucumber notes beneath the body of this dry gin are subtle, lingering though the finish. Free of artificial flavors, eight botanicals are engaged in this gin giving this smooth yet crisp spirit a unique flavor profile we are certain you will enjoy.

Infused with 15 botanicals that took two years of trial recipes to balance, this dry gin has those “who never drink gin” thinking twice. We steep ripe pears and pink peppercorns into our spirit for 24 hours before re-distilling giving a delicate harmony of pear on the nose and a green spiciness to the finish.

Whistling Andy Distilling’s The Spirit of Sperry huckleberry flavored vodka was released June 2018 with 100% of first-year profits going directly to the Sperry Action Fund. By purchasing and enjoying this Montana made product you are joining us in the rebuilding efforts of Sperry Chalet. 

A clean floral rum with hints of banana, ripe plum, licorice and apricot. This spirit’s unique flavor and unusual color originate from dried hibiscus flowers and coconut, steeped directly into a rum born of blackstrap molasses and raw cane sugar.

The spirit of craft beer.. Whistling Andy has teamed up with a passionate brewery, Bonsai Brewing Project of Whitefish, Montana, to bring you our newest release. Distilled from their Due North India Red Mash, this spirit captures the love of craft from both companies. Pairs well with citrus based cocktails.

Our handcrafted white rum is mixed with high-quality blackstrap molasses and first cut cane sugar, sourced from a small farm in Brazil. This well-balanced, full bodied rum has a light, earthy aroma of blended banana, fig, and licorice. Fantastic as a mixer in all classic rum cocktails or sipped slowly over ice.

Whistling Andy vodka is distilled in our custom reflux column. Light carbon filtration polished it into a smooth spirit with a subtle sweetness that reflects the quality of the locally sourced, Moiese, Montana, corn used in its productions. This smooth, clean sipping vodka is perfect in any classic cocktail or over ice.