sperry cherrytini

2 oz.
1/2 oz.
1/2 oz.
3/4 oz.

Spirit of Sperry
Cherry Juice
Fresh Lemon Juice
Simple Syrup

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice, shake until tin frosts. Strain into chilled martini glass, garnish with a sugared lemon wedge.

Alpine Lemonade

1 1/2 oz.
4-5 oz.

Spirit of Sperry
Lemon Wedge

Fill a Collins glass with a ice, add vodka and top with lemonade and stir. Squeeze a lemon wedge and garnish with a mint spring.

Bear Bait

1 1/2 oz.
2 bar spoons
1/2 oz.

Spirit of Sperry
Huckleberry Jam
Fresh Lime Juice
Soda Water

Add vodka, jam and lime juice to a shaker with ice, shake until tin frosts. Dirty pour into a Collins glass Add ice to top and finish with a splash of soda water.